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Recent Activity on the Planet

The planet is experiencing high amounts of volcanic activity and plate movement around the world, resulting in earthquakes on land and sea across the earth. Be aware!

Live Volcano Map Sun Jun 16 2024 11:49:15 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Information & Terms of use

The VolcanoWidget is a free iframe-based web application that displays current volcano activity updates worldwide on google maps. The information displayed is being collected by the team of VolcanoDiscovery and its contributors. The color codes of each volcano are our subjective interpretation of activity status (unrest, alert, erupting, major eruption) and have no official significance, although we try to keep them in agreement with various existing official color and alert codes. Recently updated volcanoes are represented with an animated triangle. 

Terms of Use: 
The VolcanoWidget comes without warranty for its technical functionality and/or content and may be modified, updated or terminated with no notice to its users. You may not use it in misleading context (in particular, websites with pornographic or other offensive content), or in any way that obstructs the copyright of google map and VolcanoDiscovery. You can modify the wrapper code to enlarge or otherwise embed the map as you please. You are not allowed to change the source of the iframe.

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