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Evidence of Creation

Just look in the mirror and it's undeniable that your Creator is nothing short of amazing beyond comprehension. Gaze up at the sky or down to the soil and you must know it is all no accident. Life on earth is complex and the more we learn, the more we realize we don't know.

Everything in nature reflects not only the genius, power and mightiness of Yahweh our God, but also His sincere love and compassion for us. No one can hide it from you. It is everywhere and it is for everyone.

Aside from the earth and the heavens decked with glorious stars and planets, the sun rises and sets faithfully each day and the moon hovers systematically each night. The seasons work like a factory in various phases of production. The rain falls filling the fountains with fresh, pure water, loaded with minerals essential for nearly all living things. Creatures all over the planet work year round as technicians, keeping the machine functioning - animals, fish, birds, insects, reptiles, fungi, bacteria and microscopic organisms each performing their duties - inherently obedient to their Creator. The trees, plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables convert the vitamins and minerals used for healing and nourishing the people and other living things. Like the animals, their seed is in themselves, ensuring their sustainability. The planet is loaded with resources - metals, gems, coal, fuel and so much more, making our home perfect for human habitation and growth.

As if this all wasn't enough, we are equipped with emotions and feelings, which alert us to danger, help us to learn, and motivate us to endure. We have compassion, sympathy, generosity and love because we were created in the image of Yahweh, the commander of love. We have guilt and shame - our memory and conscience being our inescapable judge for as long as we live.

Even the future can be seen in the Scriptures, for those who take the time to study it. While some people strive to find error in it, the words recorded in the ancient Bible texts have never been discredited or disproven and, in fact, are constantly being proven true and astonishingly accurate. Relics and remnants of Biblical subjects are still being found to this day. Even the real Mt. Sinai has recently been discovered, perfectly recognizable after thousands of years, as if it were saved for a time such as this, when deception is causing many to lose faith.

Yes, the things of this world are plainly seen. Even death is clear, as we all know one day our lives will end and life will go on without us. But what can't be seen yet is eternity. What lies beyond the grave? For those trusting in Yahweh our God, we anticipate Salvation by grace through the blood of our Saviour, Jesus Christ - Yahushua Messiah. We look forward to a new heaven and a new earth, and whatever that involves, we trust it's a lot better than the alternative and anxiously await our homecoming.


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