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Blessings or Curses? Choose one

The Scriptures is so much more than a book of rules and stories. They contain the instruction and laws that were forged into the foundations of the earth. These are not just rules, they are like formulas or codes put in place to deliver justice.

When we sin, we automatically bring curses and punishments upon ourselves and others. Unless we repent of our sins and rebuke the spirits that cause us to sin, those curses are carried out in our lives.

Jesus Christ, Yahshua Messiah, was given authority over ALL spirits (Phil 2:9) and in His Name we have the power to be redeemed. Confess your sins and weaknesses to the Lord. Ask for the strength to defeat those spirits that cause you to bring curses upon yourself. Command those sins out of your life! Speak it, mean it, proclaim it, in the Name of Jesus, Amen!


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