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Are you prepared for what's coming?

The frequency and severity of natural disasters is increasing daily around the world. It seems as if every country is in tribulation in one way or another.

The best thing to have in the event of a crisis is an early warning. A chance to prepare is a courtesy most people don't get when tragedy strikes, but those who are studying and watching as the prophecies of the Scriptures unfold, we are blessed to have that foresight and the opportunity to prepare. Let's discuss how.

First and foremost, since no one knows when they will die or when our Lord will return, the most important thing to consider is your eternal destination. Are heaven and hell real? Are you willing to take a chance? Are you that much against paying homage to and loving your Creator? He told us outright that the earth will be destroyed. But we are eternal beings living temporarily in the flesh. When you die, your soul will rest until Messiah returns and we are all faced with judgement. If you haven't accepted Jesus as your personal Savior, then you will be judged according to your own heart. Ask yourself, are you pure enough to enter God's Kingdom? Have you committed one or more sins in your life? Your answer doesn't matter because your heart, which has God's Law written on it, knows the truth. By your own heart you will accused unless you are sin-free, in which case it will excuse you. Have you ever been jealous, lied, stolen anything, cheated, gossiped about someone or coveted something belonging to someone else? The truth is we have all sinned - every single one of us. What's great is that our Creator knows that. He just wants us to repent, acknowledge we have erred, ask for forgiveness and settle the matter once and for all by accepting Yahushua, Jesus Christ, as your personal Savior. Those who find this to be offensive or confusing, may not possess the Holy Spirit and if you're not protected by the Holy Spirit, you are an easy target and vacant space for an unholy spirit, which wants nothing more than your destruction.

Jesus, our Messiah, said he went to prepare a place for us. Have you and your loved ones accepted Jesus as your personal Savior? This should be given top priority! If you or they don't understand, study and search out what it means to be saved by the Blood of Christ. It is the most important test of your life and it is coming soon!

As for survival, consider preparing an emergency supply stash in a backpack or in your car, perhaps in a watertight container. Include the necessities you require daily such as:

Toiletries, Soap, Medicine, First Aid Kit





Phone and tablet chargers

Pet supplies

Bottled Water

Canned or Dried Foods

Gas Can

Map showing 2 or more evacuation routes

Copies of important documents

Photos of valuables in your home

Other ideas: A tent, utensils, plates, cups, a pan, a pot, potholders, bleach, baggies, napkins, matches, a raft,

You can find important instructions, Flood and Safety Tips, Winter Safety, Fire Safety and General Emergency Preparedness at

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