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Just a little push from above

Back around 2010, we took a trip to upstate New York to visit family. I believe it was around March but the weather was good and there was no snow on the ground or in the forecast, which was odd for that region, but we weren't complaining.

I always like taking the kids to see the country and the slower paced lifestyle it offers. My aunt and uncle offered to let us stay at the vacant home my aunt had inherited from her parents. It was under construction being renovated but it was perfectly suitable for us and we were thankful we didn't have to pay for a hotel for the two or three nights we were in the area.

We rented a Chrysler Town and Country for the trip because at the time we only had a car and there were six of us on the trip. It was a great vehicle, perfect for the occasion. We were glad we had it when it started to snow heavily while we were at a family gathering. We cut our visit short to avoid being stuck there and headed down the road. We followed the GPS along the route back to the house as the sun was setting and the snow was falling steadily.

As we were driving, we approached a hill and tensed up a bit as we ascended toward the top on the slippery slope, losing speed and traction as we went. Just before we reached the summit of the hill, there was a curve we approached with caution. Then just before the top, we came to a stop and the tires were just spinning. As they spun, the vehicle shifted horizontally toward a ditch. As I looked down toward the ditch, I realized if we fell into it, we would be tumbling down into a dark and cold forest. I considered what would happen if another car came around the corner and smashed into us, pushing us off the edge. I looked back at the kids and made sure they were buckled up. Getting out of the car could prove to be more dangerous, so I looked around the vehicle to see if there was anything that could harm us if we flipped. I was anticipating it.

I tried to use my phone to call for help but I had no signal. Country life! Ugh! I secured my belongings, put my cell phone in my purse and zipped it up. I prepared as best as I could for the worst, remembering a time I saw a car flip on the highway with an elderly couple in it. All their belongings from inside the car were scattered across the highway, including a load of firewood! Their car landed right side up and though the windows were shattered, their belongings were scattered, and they were bleeding form their heads, by the grace of God they appeared to be okay. As we waited for paramedics to arrive I told them their vehicle flipped several times and they argued with me insisting I was mistaken.

Anyway, back to the snowy hill. Reversing seemed impossible on the dark and narrow road, and turning around was extremely dangerous considering we were on a turn. If another car came, it would be catastrophic. It was a very tense situation. There were no streetlights and it was getting darker by the minute.

All of a sudden, we started moving! It wasn't like driving, though, it was more like gliding up the hill. I looked around, confused. How are we moving? Are we sliding off the road? Was someone pushing us? What is going on?! Suddenly my kids started yelling, "We prayed!! We prayed!!" They knew it was an answer to their prayer! I was shocked. Here I had given up all hope. I was preparing for tragedy while my kids were praying and while angels were being dispatched to rescue us from that snowy hill.

We drove the remainder of the trip in silence, in awe of what had just happened. All of us. Speechless. It was an amazing day. Later, I learned that hill is called "Dead Man's Hill" and even the locals avoid that road in the winter. Unfortunately, the GPS didn't know that!

After that day, this verse and song always remind us of that miraculous day on the hill:

I lift up my eyes to the hills; Where does my help come from?

My help comes from יהוה, Maker of the heavens and earth.

(Psalms 121:1-2) The Scriptures 2009

Do you have a testimony you would like to share? I'd love to hear it! Enter it in the comments below. Prayer requests are also welcome.

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