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Bible Prophecy

The first appearance of Messiah

Est. date written:

Est. date fulfilled:

538 BC

444 BC and 33 AD


Daniel prophesied that there would be 69 weeks between the decree to rebuild Jerusalem and the appearance of Messiah, which was March 30, 33 AD (John 2:4, John 7:6), the day he appeared on the donkey. In prophetic years a week is 7 years so 69 weeks is 483 years. Nehemiah requested permission to rebuild Jerusalem (Neh. 2: 5-6) and the decree was issued March 5, 444 BC. Add 483 years and takes us to 39 AD. The Jewish calendar has 360 days and there have been several changes to the calendar but the dates are said to line up, down to the very day.



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