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Bible Prophecy

The 3rd Seal - Rider on a black horse

Est. date written:

Est. date fulfilled:

95 AD

  • When the Third Seal was opened by the Lamb, the third beast (The Leopard?) tells John to "Come and see". (Rev 6:5)
  • John sees a rider on a black horse (Rev 6:5)
  • The rider is carrying a pair of balances in his hand (Rev 6:5)
  • "A voice in the midst of the four beasts" sets the market price for bread (or food).
  • "A measure for wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny" and see thou not hurt the oil and the wine. (Rev. 6:6)

The balances in this rider's hand appears to symbolize trade. Scales were used for weighing items in transactions such as buying and selling. Then he sets the price for wheat and barley (perhaps food in general but definitely hot commodities such as wheat and barley)

Remember that a penny was a days wage, so this prophecy appears to indicate that inflation will be so high that a "measure of wheat" (perhaps a loaf of bread), would cost a day's wage. To put that into perspective, an 8-hour day at $7.25 (min. wage) would be a day's wage of $58.


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