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Bible Prophecy

Temple in Jerusalem destroyed for a second time

Est. date written:

Est. date fulfilled:

33 AD

70 AD


"The original Temple in Jerusalem was built during Solomon's reign and was completed by 957 BC. "It stood for almost four centuries until its destruction in 587/586 BCE by the Neo-Babylonian Empire under the second Babylonian king, Nebuchadnezzar II, who subsequently exiled the Judeans to Babylon following the fall of the Kingdom of Judah and its annexation as a Babylonian province. The destruction of the Temple and the Babylonian exile were seen as fulfillments of Biblical prophecies and consequently strengthened Judaic religious beliefs, beginning the Israelites' transition from the polytheistic or monolatristic beliefs of Yahwism to the monotheistic beliefs developed in Judaism." [Source]🕊️


The Second Temple was built about 516 BC and was called "Herod's Temple". [Source]🕊️ It was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD.


"The hill called Zion and Jerusalem, the building there, that is to say, the temple, (has) been utterly removed or shaken." - Eusebius (3rd century historian). "It was so thoroughly laid even with the ground by those that dug it up to the foundation, that there was nothing left to make those that came thither believe it had ever been inhabited." - Josephus (1st Century Historian) [Source]🕊️


In 1867, Queen Victoria of England sent Capt. Charles Warren to Jerusalem to recover relics from the Temple. The so-called "Temple Mount" was occupied by Muslims after being conquered by the Ottoman Empire.


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