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Bible Prophecy

Jerusalem to be captured by the Babylonians

Est. date written:

Est. date fulfilled:

593 BC

586 BC


In Ezekiel 5:2, the prophet, Ezekiel, was in captivity in Babylon and God gave him a message for his fellow Israelites in captivity with him. The remnant of Israelites in Jerusalem were still not obeying God's laws, so Jerusalem was going to be sieged and the people there slaughtered. Ezekiel was instructed to cut off his hair and beard and then to divide the hair into three parts. He was to burn the first third in the midst of the city (Babylon). In Ezekiel 5:12, it is explained that this symbolized a third of the people killed by pestilence and famine. The second third of hair was to be chopped up with a sword, representing the slaughter of a third of the people, and the final third of the hair was to be scattered in the wind. This symbolized the remnant, which would attempt to escape, but would be chased down. This was a harsh warning to the remnant in captivity in Babylon, to follow God's laws or suffer judgement. [Source]🕊️


God also used "thirds" in his judgements in Revelation. For example, a third of sealife dying, a third of the trees burnt up, etc.



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