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Bible Prophecy

Beasts - The 3rd Beast of Daniel's Prophecy - The Leopard

Est. date written:

Est. date fulfilled:

539 BC

bef. 1945

  • The 3rd beast was one of the four beasts to come up out of the sea (Dan 7:3), bottomless pit, or abyss (Rev 17:8)
  • These four beasts are kings (Dan 7:17) or kingdoms (Dan 7:23), diverse one from another (Dan 7:3).
  • The waters are "peoples, multitudes, nations, and tongues" (Rev 17:15)
  • The third beast in Daniel's vision was like a leopard (Dan 7:6)
  • It had four wings of a fowl (Dan 7:6)
  • It had four heads (Dan 7:6)
  • The third beast in John's vision was like a leopard (Rev 13:2)
  • It had the feet of a bear (Rev 13:2)
  • It had the mouth of a lion (Rev 13:2)
  • The dragon gave him his power, seat, and authority. (Dan 7:6, Rev 13:2)
  • At the opening of the 3nd Seal, the "third beast" said "Come and See" as the rider on the black horse brings famine upon the earth. (Rev 6:5-6)


Although the leopard is not presently the symbol for Germany, during World War II they used a tank called the Leopard. Germany is a key player of the European Union, along with France. Germany was "mortally wounded" after it's WWII defeat, but the key players and others continue Satan's "New World Order" agenda. "All of the reichs were/are attempting to unite Europe under one government and religion." [Source]🕊️

The symbol for France is a fowl (Dan 7:6) - the rooster. The four heads of Europe (The German/French Motherland) were: [Source]🕊️

  1. Holy Roman Empire - The First Reich (800-1806), which began with Charlemagne. Most of its emperors were crowned by a pope. In 1806, Prussia was defeated by France, marking the end of the Holy Roman Empire.
  2. German Empire - The Second Reich (1870-1919), began with the unification of Germany, which was achieved, under Otto Von Bismarck a.k.a. "The Iron Chancellor" and Wilhelm I was crowned King of Prussia and German Emperor, head of the German Empire. [Source]🕊️ Germany was defeated in World War I. "In October 1918, after the failed Spring Offensive, the German armies were in retreat, allies Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire had collapsed, and Bulgaria had surrendered. The empire collapsed in the November 1918 Revolution with the abdications of its monarchs, which left the post-war federal republic to govern a devastated populace." [Source]🕊️ This may be the "deadly wound" received by one of the beasts in Revelation 13:3, or perhaps it was the USSR.
  3. Adolph Hitler's Germany - The Third Reich (1933-1945) After the loss in WWI, the Treaty of Versailles required Germany to pay 132 billion gold marks in reparations. "The consequential economic devastation, later exacerbated by the Great Depression, as well as humiliation and outrage experienced by the German population are considered leading factors in the rise of Adolf Hitler and Nazism." [Source]🕊️ We all know the ungodly deeds of the Nazis, which led to their repeated defeat during World War II. Afterwards, Germany was divided into East Germany and West Germany, in an attempt to minimize the country's power. If the WWI defeat wasn't the deadly wound, this may have been and it "was healed". If so, it was healed when the wall dividing the two was torn down in 1989 upon the order of Mikhail Gorbachev, upon the request of President Ronald Reagan. As stated by President George H. W. Bush, in 1991, "Now we can see a new world coming into view. A world in which there is the very real prospect of a New World Order". [Video]🕊️
  4. European Union - The Fourth Reich (1951-present) Germany and France (the leopard and a fowl) sponsored the European Coal and Steel Community, which evolved into the European Union. "The European Union is likely to fulfill many other Bible prophecies before the Second Coming, including the introduction of the Antichrist and the Mark of the Beast, with the complete participation of the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. The Bible prophesies that the center of world power will swing back to Europe." [Source]🕊️


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