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Bible Illustrations with Corresponding Verses
Ge 1:1
Creation of heaven and earth
Ge 1:3
Let there be light
Ge 1:9
God creates land
Ge 1:14
God creates the stars
Ge 1:20
The creation of living creatures
Ge 1:21
Creatures of the sky and seas
Ge 1:28
God's Blessing and Instruction
Ge 1:29
Food with seeds
Ge 2:2
The First Sabbath
Ge 2:20
Adam names all the creatures
Ge 3:1
Adam and Eve Deceived
Ge 3:6
The Forbidden Fruit
Ge 3:7
Adam and Eve hide their nakedness
Ge 3:19
Till the ground
Ge 3:23
Cast out of the Garden
Ge 4:1
Cain and Abel
Ge 4:2
Abel raised sheep
Ge 4:4
Abel's sacrifice
Ge 4:8
Cain kills Abel
Ge 5:1
Adam's Descendants to Noah
Ge 5:3
Timeline of Adam's Lifetime
Ge 6:14
The gopher tree
Ge 6:15
Instructions for the ark
Ge 7:1
Noah prepares for the flood
Ge 7:10
The Great Flood
Ge 7:12
40 Days of Rain
Ge 8:4
The ark rests atop of Mount Ararat
Ge 8:10
Noah sends the dove from the ark
Ge 8:11
The dove returns with an olive leaf
Ge 8:18
Noah leaves the ark
Ge 8:20
God's Covenant with Noah
Ge 8:22
Seasons shall not cease
Ge 9:6
God's law about weapons
Ge 9:24
Noah curses Ham
Ge 11:4
The Tower of Babel
Ge 11:7
Language is confounded
Ge 11:9
Babylon is named
Ge 11:28
Haran dies at Ur of Chaldees
Ge 12:3
Abraham sees the Promised Land
Ge 12:6
The terebinth tree of Moreh
Ge 12:16
Pharaoh treats Abram well
Ge 13:10
Lot observes the River Jordan
Ge 13:18
Abram builds an altar at Mamre, in Hebron
Ge 14:15
Abram pursues Lot's captors near Damascus
Ge 15:5
Abraham's seed will be like the stars
Ge 15:9
The Sacrifice
Ge 16:12
Arabian conflict foretold
Ge 18:2
Abraham visited by angels
Ge 19:15
The angels warn Lot to leave Sodom
Ge 19:17
The flight of Lot from Sodom
Ge 20:16
Sarah is reproved by Abimelech
Ge 21:14
Abraham sends Hagar and Ishmael away
Ge 21:15
Hagar and Ishmael in the Desert
Ge 21:16
Hagar weeps
Ge 22:8
God will provide a Lamb for the offering
Ge 23:16
Abraham pays for Sarah's burial place
Ge 24:14
Finding a wife for Isaac
Ge 24:16
Rebekkah at the well
Ge 24:22
Gifts for Rebekkah
Ge 24:51
The covenant with Laban
Ge 25:27
Jacob and Esau
Ge 25:29
Esau Sells His Birthright
Ge 26:1
Isaac goes to Gerar
Ge 28:12
Jacob's Ladder
Ge 30:14
Mandrakes for Leah
Ge 30:37
Jacob's resourcefulness
Ge 31:17
Jacob leaving Laban's
Ge 31:21
Jacob goes toward mount Gilead
Ge 31:34
Laban searches for the stolen images
Ge 32:22
Jacob crosses River Jabbok
Ge 32:24
Jacob wrestles an angel
Ge 33:17
Jacob builds a booth at Succoth
Ge 33:18
Jacob camps at Shechem
Ge 35:20
Rachel's burial
Ge 35:21
Israel at Edar
Ge 36:9
The Edomites of Mount Seir
Ge 37:25
Ishmeelites transorting goods approach
Ge 37:28
Joseph sold by his brothers for 20 pieces of silver
Ge 39:7
Potiphar's wife attempts to seduce Joseph
Ge 40:10
The Butler's Dream
Ge 40:11
Pharaoh's cup in the Butler's Dream
Ge 40:20
Joseph's interpretations prove accurate
Ge 41:8
Pharaoh seeks an interpreter
Ge 41:14
Pharaoh sends for Joseph
Ge 41:29
7 years of plenty and 7 years of famine
Ge 41:42
Pharaoh gives Joseph his ring
Ge 41:43
Joseph is exalted
Ge 43:11
Israel sends Benjamin and gifts
Ge 43:19
Joseph's brothers meet with the steward of his house
Ge 43:31
Joseph makes a feast for his brothers
Ge 44:1
Joseph's Brothers are Tested
Ge 45:1
Joseph reveals himself to his brothers
Ge 45:7
God provides deliverance
Ge 45:27
Jacob's spirit is revived
Ge 49:17
The Dan metaphor
Ge 49:27
The Benjamin metaphor
Ge 50:26
Joseph's Death
Ex 1:6
Joseph and his brothers die
Ex 2:3
Baby Moses in the bullrushes
Ex 3:1
Moses and the Burning Bush
Ex 3:5
Moses stands on holy ground
Ex 3:13
The Name of Our God
Ex 3:14
The Name of God
Ex 3:22
Hebrews to demand restitution
Ex 4:2
Moses' rod turned to a serpent
Ex 4:25
Zipporah circumcises her son
Ex 5:7
Pharaoh oppresses the Hebrews more
Ex 5:14
The Hebrews are beaten
Ex 7:10
Moses and Aaron before Pharaoh
Ex 7:11
Pharaoh calls his wise men and magicians
Ex 7:12
The rods turn to serpents
Ex 7:14
The First Plague (Water is Turned to Blood)
Ex 8:1
The Second Plague (Frogs)
Ex 9:31
Crops are smitten
Ex 10:1
The Eighth Plague (Locusts)
Ex 12:22
The blood on the doorposts
Ex 12:29
The Tenth Plague (Death of the Firstborn)
Ex 12:34
A hasty departure
Ex 13:18
The Israelites leave Egypt, taking Joseph's bones with them
Ex 13:20
They come to Etham
Ex 14:2
The Lord's instruction to the Israelites
Ex 14:7
Pharaoh gathers his army and chariots
Ex 14:8
Pharaoh's army pursues the Israelites
Ex 14:14
The Lord fights for you
Ex 14:28
Pharaoh's army swallowed up
Ex 15:20
The Women Dance
Ex 15:22
The Wilderness of Shur
Ex 15:23
Bitter Waters Made Sweet
Ex 15:27
Elim and the 12 wells of water
Ex 16:1
They journey from Elim to the wilderness of Sin
Ex 16:13
God provides meat
Ex 16:15
Manna from heaven
Ex 16:31
Description of manna
Ex 16:33
The pot of manna
Ex 17:1
From the Wilderness of Sin to Rephidim
Ex 17:6
Water from the rock in Horeb
Ex 19:1
Israel on Mount Sinai
Ex 19:20
The Voice of the Lord on Sinai
Ex 20:1
The Ten Commandments
Ex 20:3
The Ten Commandments
Ex 20:8
Remember the Sabbath
Ex 22:26
Laws about collateral
Ex 25:10
The Ark of the Covenant
Ex 25:23
The Shewbread Table
Ex 28:1
The Garments for the Priest
Ex 28:6
The ephod
Ex 28:8
The ephod and girdle
Ex 28:15
The breastplate
Ex 28:31
The robe of the ephod
Ex 28:33
The pomegranates
Ex 28:40
Aaron's sons' attire
Ex 28:42
Aaron's sons' breeches
Ex 30:23
The Holy Anointing Oil and Perfume
Ex 32:2
The people donate their earrings
Ex 32:4
The Golden Calf
Ex 32:19
Moses Breaks the Tablets (Commandments)
Ex 33:19
The Lord's goodness
Ex 34:1
Moses Replaces the Tablets (Commandments)
Ex 38:8
The Making of the Bronze Washing Basin
Le 11:4
Camels may not be eaten
Le 11:5
The coney or hyrax may not be eaten
Le 11:6
The hare may not be eaten
Le 11:13
The ossifrage and eagle cannot be eaten
Le 11:14
Food laws
Le 11:16
Other birds that cannot be eaten
Le 11:17
The owl and cormorant cannot be eaten
Le 11:18
The swan, pelican and gier eagle cannot be eaten
Le 11:19
The stork, heron and lapwing cannot be eaten
Le 14:4
Rites and sacrifices for the cleansing of leprosy
Le 19:18
Love, not vengeance
Le 21:5
The appearance of a priest
Le 22:8
Hunting laws
Le 26:1
Blessings and curses
Le 26:3
God's Covenant
Le 26:6
Peace for obedience
Nu 2:1
The Arrangement of the Camps
Nu 2:2
Israel's standard
Nu 2:3
Israel's camp
Nu 6:24
The Aaronic Blessing
Nu 10:3
Assembly of the camps
Nu 10:28
Journey of the Israelites
Nu 13:23
The grapes at Eshcol
Nu 15:38
The Command to Wear Tassles
Nu 20:27
Aaron's Burial Place
Nu 21:6
The Fiery Serpents
Nu 22:1
Balaam Summoned by Balak
Nu 22:21
Balaam disobeys the Lord
Nu 22:23
Balaam's donkey speaks
Nu 24:5
Israel in Balaam's tents
Nu 26:10
Korah, Abiram and Dathan and their 250 followers
Nu 31:8
Five Kings of Midian slain
De 2:9
The Moabites - Elath
De 6:5
Love God with all your heart
De 6:24
Fear the Lord
De 7:9
The Lord is faithful to those who obey His commands
De 12:28
Good advice
De 20:4
The Lord fights for you
De 28:20
The curse on the wicked
De 30:15
Choose life and good over death and evil
De 30:19
Choose life
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