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Adam & Eve brought death into the world when they ignored God's warning and fell for Satan's lie. Still, after death, our souls live on and each of us will face judgement at the Throne of God. When all the good and bad deeds you've done throughout your life are presented as evidence, will you meet God's standard of "pure righteousness", with a spotless record? No matter how good or bad you claim to be, the truth is that none of us actually qualifies. We all fall short and are destined to join God's adversaries and the wicked in the lake of fire, separated from God and all that is good for all eternity. It is only because of the Sacrifice of Jesus that believers can avoid eternal damnation through repentance and salvation. Repentant believers will find the offenses on their records blotted out by the precious blood of Jesus. That's the provision our loving Creator has made in order for those that love Him to be redeemed. Amen!


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